About Us

The East of England Offshore Wind Skills Centre, which opened in June 2018, helps local people re-skill and find long-lasting new jobs in the region’s expanding offshore wind industry.

It is a one-stop hub to find the right training course for individuals and employers alike in the East of England; particularly Norfolk and Suffolk including Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich.

With the offshore renewable sector growing rapidly it has filled a gap of training facilities to cater for local companies and individuals working in the industry or moving into it.

It is based at East Coast College’s Great Yarmouth Campus, which has been refurbished to accommodate a full range of courses designed to support the offshore wind industry.


The centre is a collaborative regional training and competence facility.

Two classrooms and a workshop with purpose-built facilities provide excellent training to GWO, ECITB, C&G, LEEA, DAVIT, PUWER and LOLER standards supported by 3sun Academy, CWind Training, Petans and Skills for Energy (EEEGR).

The venture has been supported and funded by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (New Anglia LEP) and made possible by New Anglia Skills Deals, funding from Norfolk County Council, Suffolk Local Authorities and the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

A bid was presented by the main employer, 3sun Group, in partnership with East Coast College. The result is a training facility delivering a wide range of training courses to support the growth of the offshore wind sector on the east coast.

Its arrival has the backing of Simon Gray, Chief Executive Officer at influential industry body the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR).

He said: “About 50% of the total install capacity of offshore wind in the UK is here, off the east coast of England. So it’s absolutely vital we have the skilled workforce in this region required to operate and maintain these turbines. By 2030 we are looking in the region of £500m a year will be spent in operations and maintenance. That’s the size of the prize that’s available for our region and we need to capitalise upon it. This initiative here at the Offshore Wind Skills Centre will allow us to do that.”

The Offshore Wind Skills Centre is located on Suffolk Road, Great Yarmouth and sits opposite the main East Coast College, Great Yarmouth Campus.